About Reqi, and what we do...

Simple & Easyonline portal.

Reqi is a requirements management platform with a focus on simplicity and ease of use. It offers a user-friendly interface that is accessible to users of all skill levels, and includes visualisation tools to monitor and track compliance using system-level views across the supply chain.


System thinkingStructured workflows.

The platform is built on the principles of system thinking and structured workflows, connecting contract needs across the supply chain. It allows for quick and easy management and visualization of system architectures, requirement allocation, and compliance.

Structured workflows

CollaborateShare across suppliers.

Reqi promotes collaboration and aligns expectations by building deeper understanding upfront, shifting from a reactive to a proactive approach. It provides certainty of outcomes by aligning expectations at the start, and includes tools for commenting and viewing prior life cycle evidence.



We are committed to delivering the most secure and compliant document review system on the market. Our team continually monitors and patches threats so users stay secure.


Out-of-the-box, reqi.io is ready to go, but with the enterprise solution you have the full flexibility to offer bespoke solutions for you own teams.


Full support is available with the enterprise solution. Reqi is built off the best cloud solutions and cloud based networks in the market. Reach out if you want to know more.

Contract Management.Clean user interface.

The platform also supports pre and post contract award management, allowing for bulk import of contract requirements, detailed analysis of relationship structures, and capture of relationships across requirements early. It has a clean user interface and is designed to bring efficiencies and certainty to the asset lifecycle change by bringing the supply chain into one shared space. Need doc control too? we have partnered with Gosubmit

Clean user interface

Responsive.Manage your supply chain

Reqi's user-friendly design and responsive interface allows teams to quickly and easily access and manage project information, streamlining workflows and reducing the need for manual input. This means that teams can spend less time on administrative tasks and more time focusing on delivering results. Additionally, the platform allows teams to easily access and manage data in real-time, enabling them to respond to changes and make decisions quickly. With Reqi, teams can work more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that projects are completed on time and within budget.

Simple and easy

Risk and Traceability.Progressive reviews through the life cycle.

Reqi also enables progressive collaboration across the supply chain and helps to manage risk by tracking Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies throughout the project life cycle. It allows for acceptance criteria to be defined and tracked across multiple parties with aggregation and traceability throughout the supply chain.

Risk and Traceability



Single Project


  • *3 month limit
  • Unlimited Users
  • Single Project Environment
  • 500 requirement limit
  • Email support

1 to 5 Projects

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  • Unlimited Users
  • Up to 5 Projects
  • 50,000 requirement limit
  • 1 GB of storage
  • Priority email support

5+ Projects

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  • Unlimited Users
  • 5+ Projects
  • Unlimited requirements
  • 10 GB of storage
  • Priority email support

Unlimited users for every plan.