Requirementsmade simple

An online requirements management tool for systems engineering to bring your teams together in one simple platform. Built for project teams, systems engineers, and asset owners

SimpleEasy to use online portal

An online requirements management tool with a user-friendly interface that caters to users of all proficiency levels. It offers visualizations, all within a systems engineering tool to keep track of compliance and provide system-level views across team members and supply chain partners. This allows for easy monitoring and tracking of compliance and provides a clear view of the entire system, making it easy to identify areas of improvement.

Simple and easy portal

WorkflowsA shared common data environment

Reqi prioritizes the application of systems engineering principles, connecting teams directly to contract requirements, rather than keeping them at a distance or managing them only during the later stages of the life cycle. It allows for efficient management and visualization of system architectures, requirement allocation, and compliance through quick and easy access. This approach ensures that requirements are closely tracked and managed throughout the project, reducing the risk of delays or unexpected issues.

Share common area

CollaborateVisualise connections across teams

Reqi promotes collaboration to align expectations and deepen understanding of project objectives from the outset, moving projects from a reactive to proactive approach. It provides certainty of outcomes by ensuring alignment of expectations at the start, in a shared and easy-to-use data environment. By establishing clear expectations and goals early on, teams can work together more effectively, reducing the risk of delays or misunderstandings.


Requirement V diagram

Our requirements framework is systems led

Reqi is an end-to-end solution built from the ground up using systems engineering principles, it aims to drive efficiencies throughout the project delivery team and supply chain. It is designed to manage complex projects throughout their life cycle phases, from conception to delivery. This approach ensures that all aspects of the project are closely tracked and managed, reducing the risk of delays or unexpected issues.

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Requirement analysis and allocation with responsibilities. Capture risk and assumptions progressively.

V diagram


Traceability up and down the project life cycle, including allocation of responsiblies across the supply chain.



Visualise your system architectures and inter-dependencies, with quick access and tracking of progress.

Introducing REX our AI-powered bot

Discover the future of requirement management with Rex AI by Reqi. Experience automated requirement generation from PDFs using advanced AI algorithms. Automate and define requirements from your breif's, specifications and reports. Collaborate seamlessly, refine requirements, and stay organized. Transform your requirement management with Rex AI.

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Identifying Hazards & Manage Safety

The platform is simple and easy to use, and allows for easy collaboration between team members. It also features an AI-driven risk assessment tool that helps identify hidden risks and facilitates easy implementation of mitigation measures.

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Use AI to Refine Your Requirements

One of the most significant advantages of using Reqi's Rex is its ability to refine your requirements and suggest improvements. It provides valuable insights by analyzing your data and identifying missing or conflicting requirements. With Rex, you can now streamline your requirements management process and eliminate any ambiguities.

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We are committed to delivering the most secure and compliant document review system on the market. Our team continually monitors and patches threats so users stay secure.


Out-of-the-box, is ready to go, but with the enterprise solution you have the full flexibility to offer bespoke solutions for you own teams.


Full support is available with the enterprise solution. Reqi is built off the best cloud solutions and cloud based networks in the market. Reach out if you want to know more.

Contract Management. Manage your supply chain!

Reqi allows for bulk import of contract requirements, and offers visualization tools to keep track of compliance and provide system-level views across supply chains. It also allows for detailed analysis of relationship structures, which is critical for understanding how different parts of the system are interconnected. This makes systems engineering easy by showing potential risk and make necessary changes.


Risk and Traceability. Progressive reviews through the life cycle.

Reqi helps to manage risk by tracking Assumptions, Constraints, and Dependencies throughout the project life cycle. It enables Acceptance Criteria to be defined and tracked across multiple parties with aggregation and traceability throughout the supply chain. This allows teams to identify and mitigate potential risks early on, reducing the likelihood of delays or unexpected issues.

V diagram

Reporting & Dashboards. Filter and packaging to monitor user progress.

Reqi offers visualization tools for system architectures, requirement allocation, and packaging, and allows for monitoring and tracking compliance using system-level views across the supply chain. This allows systems engineers and teams to see the entire system and identify areas of potential risk or non-compliance, making it easy to make necessary changes.

Reporting and dashboards

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